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Our non profit association puts social thought and action up front.We want to give some transparent insight to our work with people of disadvanted groups and/or in critical life-phases.

The Rosa Association is non-profitable,solidary and has no economical aims.

In this form the association offers a platform to many to live a "normal" life despite health impairments. The association provides advice and support in personal change and development.

The Rosa Thrift Shop Friendly Society opened the Rosa shop (called Rosa Broki) in February 2011. Various repair shops were established. These offer employment to migrants,the jobless,the health impaired and people of all ages and ranks in order to promote their integration into society.

The staff learn to construct their daily routine,for instance in sheltered employment, and can learn new skills in the various workshops to facilitate their entry into the job market.

Rosa Broki also has many other activities such as a monthly brunch, jumble sales and ceramic- and painting-exhibitions.

There is a small coffee corner which has turned into a meeting point for people of the region and other visitors.

We support theater groups with furniture and accessories.

Saim Agca

Willy Wihler

Ruedi Keller

Mürside Agca

Opening Times:
Monday - Friday:
9:00 - 18:30

9:00 - 17:00

Links to find the way to us:

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