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To back the association financially we wanted to open a thrift shop. As there was no such back up till then, the idea had a large echo. So we started collecting various goods at clearances and were given donations. Soon we had filled our fist storage rooms in Oberdiessbach and rented further storage facilities in Konolfingen.

At the same time we were looking for premises for the thrift shop. This was very difficult as they were usually either too small or too expensive.

In January 2011 we found premises in Bern-Bethlehem and rented them. The premises are a large factoy building, with plenty of room for our range of goods. Of course there was a lot to do:

- an office level had to be built in

- the entrance had to be painted in the association's colours

- diverse renovations had to be done

- ...and, of the course, the goods had to be moved

Subsequently we were able to open the thrift shop and workshops on 19 February 2012, thanks to the help of many volunteers and association members.

The Rosa Broki has a wide range of products for all tastes and desires. Everything from beautiful,old,rare utensils and furniture to high grade modern articles can be found here. Each week new ware arrives and if an article cannot be found in the shop it may be in the storage area...just ask our staff. Our range is so versatile, there is often not enough room for it all even in our large premises.

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