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Clearances are often costly as there is usually a lot of waste.

Although one's old furniture was well loved, there are moments when there is no alternative to throwing them away. It may be that two people move in with each other or maybe you are going abroad. Some people just want a new phase of life. In any case it's hard to let them go.

We offer fast,
professional and reliable clearances and respect the collected articles.

The clearances are reasonably priced or done in exchange for goods.

In this way a part of your previous life can answer a good purpose. There are many people who cannot afford new furniture and come to see us in the hope of finding something special.

Dates for viewing are arranged by phone. You can reach us via the contact form or by phone:

Monday - Friday 12.
00 - 18.00
Saturday 10
00 - 17.00

Tel : 031 991 77 00

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